Are health issues and stress stopping you from achieving your dreams? Wouldn't it be wonderful to start feeling like nothing is standing in your way and that you could do absolutely anything?

I can help.

You deserve a life free from unnecessary suffering and worry.

Does it feel like every time you take a step towards your goals, your stress and suffering just drag you right back to where you started? Do your worries and fears stop you before you even have a chance to start? Do your health problems and physical discomfort make you just want to crawl under the covers and never come out?

Well, what everyone should know about suffering is that it is optional.

When you are ready to release these obstacles once and for all, click below and explore how I can help.

Pain/chronic health issues

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

I have solutions for you.

Stress/anxiousness/ worry

Are you ready to say goodbye to feeling stressed out and anxious?

Let me help.

Is it something else?

I enjoy helping people with a wide variety of issues and problems.

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Testimonials / success stories

Christina Nienaber-Roberts

With Suzanna, one feels totally supported and accepted and heard and seen and the results are often mind-blowing. During the process, very informative insights often arise in one’s awareness, which may be life-altering. She also offers powerful take-home tools for continuing the process of transformation in our own time.

Penelope Hagan

Suzanna provides clarity, insight and focus into the issues that are affecting your mental state. She is an excellent listener and asks the right questions to tease out what is going on for you. With a calm yet inquisitive demeanor, she makes you feel comfortable being vulnerable enough to share your personal problems and history.

Kim Nicholls

Whenever I work with Suz, I feel safe, seen, heard, understood. She is very invested in the well-being of her clients, and it feels like she really cares about my success. She has a very unique background and in her sessions, she draws from a wide variety of educational and personal experiences. She is truly passionate about helping others.

Hi! I'm Suzanna Forest.

I transformed my life with biodynamic craniosacral therapy (BCST) and hypnotherapy, and you can too!

As a biodynamic craniosacral therapist, I operate out of a lovely clinic in Cumberland, BC. I offer local clients an incredibly gentle form of manual therapy that can help them transform how they relate to their bodies through experiencing:

-deep relaxation

-pain relief

-better sleep

-nervous system balance

-inner exploration

-increased mental focus

-mind/body awareness

-emotional release

-safe and healthy touch

As a hypnotherapist, I operate out of a beautiful wellness centre in Courtenay, BC, as well as online from my home office. I offer both in-person and virtual sessions that can help people transform how they relate to their minds through:

-discovering and overcoming their limiting beliefs

-building self-confidence

-achieving freedom from negative behaviours

-creating positive change

-getting relief from stress and anxiousness

-managing experiences of both physical and emotional pain

-rediscovering hope

-getting back in control of their lives

My life has changed for the better since my sessions with Suz. She has facilitated a healing space with knowledge, care and dedication to helping me overcome old limits and what was holding me back. After our sessions, I can truly say that I feel more motivated, purposeful and excited for life. Thank you for helping me find myself again!

Naomi Hidema

Devon, UK

sea change

/'sē ,CHānj/ · noun

a profound or notable transformation

Make your sea change today.

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